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White Collar Crime Specialist

John has over 35 years experience with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, over 20 of which was working in the field of Economic Crime or White Collar Crime. He held senior management positions in British Columbia and in Ottawa Headquarters, ultimately leading the development and management of the Integrated Market Enforcement Teams or IMETS. John has an Executive MBA from Simon Fraser University and his thesis entitled “A Policy Review of the Role of the RCMP in Securities Fraud Enforcement” received world wide media attention. John has extensive experience in the investigation and management of very complex commercial crime investigations in the past few decades and is now using this experience to assist victims of crime in parallel civil investigations and reviews to assist in subsequent litigation. John also has extensive experience dealing with background screening utilizing the various databases available to Canadian Police agencies. This screening is used for volunteers or employees working with Canadians within what is defined as the ‘Vulnerable Sector’ (Young children or Seniors). The screening is also used by employers in certain regulated sectors requiring their employees to be screened such as security guards, private investigators, health workers etc. In short, John has extensive policing experience available for consultation in discreet and sensitive investigations and reviews of police actions taken pertaining to a given matter.


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